Choosing The Right Saxophone For Beginners


Choosing The Right Saxophone For Beginners

Are you planning to have an instrument upgrade and want to know what is the best saxophone mouthpiece for beginners? A saxophone mouthpiece is one of the essential parts of a saxophone. It allows players to connect the air their mouth produces to their instruments.

A sax mouthpiece doesn’t significantly affect the tune your instrument produces, but a quality mouthpiece is still advisable. Since there are different saxophone mouthpieces available, you have to know which is the most suitable one, especially for beginners. Keep reading and you will find out the best mouthpiece for you.

Different Parts of a Saxophone Mouthpiece

Saxophone mouthpieces help players feel more comfortable and produce the bright sound they want. For this reason, you must pay attention to their structures and be familiar with their main parts.

Tip opening

Tip openings in mouthpieces are located at the tip of the mouthpiece. The bigger a tip opening is, the brighter and bigger the tone you can produce.


The facing has the reed placed in it and controls the resistance of a sax mouthpiece. It has two parts that consist of the flat and the curved part. In addition, it has three types including, short facing, medium facing, and long facing. The shorter the facing is, the lesser the resistance. On the other hand, the longer the facing, the more resistant and easier it is for instrument players to bend notes.

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The chamber is the part of the mouthpiece that receives the air pressure. It is significant in producing the kind of sound brightness the saxophone player wants to create.


A baffle can be found in the upper area of the chamber. It is the one responsible for restricting the flow of air. If your baffle is high, the air flows more quickly, and the sound a player can produce will be louder and stronger.

Most Popular Types of Saxophone Mouthpieces for Students

For beginners, an alto saxophone is recommended because it is easier to use and requires less air than other types of saxophones. There are also different materials that sax players prefer to boost their music performance, such as hard rubber, metal, and plastic. The metal mouthpiece creates a stronger sound. Since an alto sax already has a bright sound, hard rubber is better than a metal one to balance the music.

Besides that, various types of mouthpieces are available if you want to upgrade your saxophone instruments to play your jazz music smoothly. You can find out about the most popular types below.

Vandoren Mouthpiece

The Vandoren AL4 and AL5 mouthpieces are some of the appropriate ones for those beginners in playing sax. It helps create a classical and aesthetic sound in an alto saxophone. While there are other Vandoren mouthpieces for different types of sax, the one for alto is recommended for students.

If you prefer a larger opening and a long facing, the Vandoren AL5 will fit your choice. On the other side, if you want a slightly smaller tip opening and short facing, Vandoren AL4 is an excellent option for you.

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Meyer Mouthpiece

A Meyer mouthpiece is one of the quality mouthpieces for alto sax out there you can purchase. It is made of hard rubber, advisable for a beginner. Plus, it can help alto saxophone players produce a great sound and is recognized as one of the best choices of mouthpieces in history. Because its rubber is non-toxic, you can comfortably play your instrument. Some of the most famous Meyer mouthpieces for alto are Meyer 6 and Meyer 7.

Yamaha Mouthpiece

Another mouthpiece that can help bring out your best as you perform is the Yamaha mouthpiece. Yamaha 4C is the one advisable not only for a beginner but also for a professional as its structures are made for easier and smoother saxophone playing. It has a soft reed, allowing beginners to play without too many difficulties.

While a Yamaha 4C doesn’t come with a ligature, a tool that connects the mouthpiece to the reed, buying a Yamaha 4c is still a wise decision. You can get a quality mouthpiece that will make your saxophone lessons easier as a beginner and achieve the tone you desire easily. Besides that, it is one of the affordable types of mouthpieces available on the market. It might not have a ligature included, but you can just buy one for a budget-friendly price online or in music stores. Any type of ligature will do, as long as it can hold the reed.

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So, What’s the Best One?

Being a sax student and taking saxophone lessons can help bring out the maximum potential hidden in an individual. However, there can always be difficulties students have to deal with as beginners. But with the right instrument and mouthpiece, nothing will restrict students from doing their best and unlocking their true musical talents. They only have to focus on practicing and performing well.

While there are various mouthpieces to avail, it’s best to find a good yet affordable one. You don’t really need to get the expensive one as the high price won’t matter as you perform; Only the quality will. Therefore, Yamaha 4C would be the best and standard mouthpiece choice for alto saxophonists.

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