The main difference between music, song and lyrics is that: Music is used to give an accurate and concise explanation of music’s basic attributes or essential nature and it involves a process of defining what is meant by the term music. Many authorities have suggested definitions, but defining music turns out to be more difficult than might first be imagined and there is an ongoing debate. A number of explanations start with the notion of music as organized sound but they also highlight that this is perhaps too broad a definition and cite examples of organized sound that are not defined as music, such as human speech, and sounds found in both natural and industrial environments.

Lyrics are words that make up a song usually consisting of verses and choruses. The writer of lyrics is a lyricist. The words to an extended musical composition such as an opera are, however, usually known as a “libretto” and their writer, as a “librettist”. The meaning of lyrics can either be explicit or implicit. Some lyrics are abstract, almost unintelligible, and, in such cases, their explication emphasizes form, articulation, meter, and symmetry of expression. Rappers can also create lyrics (often with a variation of rhyming words) that are meant to be spoken rhythmically rather than sung.

song is a musical composition intended to be sung by the human voice. This is often done at distinct and fixed pitches using patterns of sound and silence. Songs contain various forms, such as those including the repetition of sections. Through semantic widening, a broader sense of the word “song” may refer to instrumentals.

Written words created specifically for music or for which music is specifically created, are called lyrics. If a pre-existing poem is set to composed music in classical music it is an art song. Songs that are sung on repeated pitches without distinct contours and patterns that rise and fall are called chants. Songs in a simple style that are learned informally are often referred to as folk songs.

Another main difference between music and lyrics is that when one person supplies the music (chords, beat, arrangement, instrumentation) and another person writes the lyrics and composes the vocal melody. Then, who writes the lyrics are called lyricist.

From this, we came to an important job opportunity who really want to continue his/her passion for music which is known as the lyricist. A lyricist or lyrist is a person who writes lyrics—words for songs—as opposed to a composer, who writes the song’s melody.

The music is just the melody (usually vocal melody) plus any significant instrumental hooks (e.g. a riff). The chords, arrangement, instrumentation, etc are not considered part of the song.

Neither the writer of the music or the writer of the lyrics is necessarily entitled to more than the other. It depends entirely on the agreement they made when writing the song. Most commonly its a 50/50 split.


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