KORG nanoPAD2 [ Full In-Depth review]

KORG nanoPAD2 [ Full In-Depth review]

NanoSERIES2 : 

Like all nanoSERIES2 controllers, the nanoPAD2 had to be compact, lightweight and sized to work well with any laptop or desktop computer. In addition, the nanoPAD2 also had to pack in 16 great-feeling and dynamic-sensing pads – as well as leaving room for the X-Y touchpad! The Korg nanoPAD2 does all this and more. In fact, there are four banks of pad assignments, providing a total of 64 pads setups.

Some people say these types types of products as a korg nanokontrol.

Korg’s original nanoSeries kickstarted the super-compact MIDI controller construct in late 2008, and competitor Akai responded with their slimline LPD8 and LPK25 units.

Korg currently returns fireplace with the nanoSeries 2, which contains three units. All ar USB-powered class-compliant MIDI devices, which means that you {just} just plug them in and off you go – no want for drivers or external power provides.

“The original nanoPad pleased U.S.A. greatly with its durable, responsive drum pads. Now, they’ve fully grown in range from twelve to sixteen.”

A sleeker and additional rounded-out design makes the devices easier on the attention and in-keeping with this trend for softer aesthetics.


he original nanoPad pleased U.S.A. greatly with its durable, responsive drum pads. They’ve fully grown in range from twelve to sixteen, with a small separation down the center, effectively presenting them as two banks of eight.

The Flam and Roll buttons 

These are replaced with Gate Arp, bit Scale, Key/Range and Scale/Tap choices. These are performance-oriented controls to be used in conjunction with the wonderful X/Y pad.

In its normal mode, 

the X/Y pad transmits CCs; in grips Scale mode, the X axis instead sends notes whereas the Y controls note length. so you’ll be able to play musical patterns and phrases, very like on Korg’s Kaossilator series.

Scales and keys:

These are accessible via the Key/Range and Scale/Tap buttons – whereas holding one in all these down, you’ll be able to choose notes and scales by pressing the pads.

Gate Arp:

Its creates rhythmic ‘gated’ notes at a fixed tempo (set via tap tempo or synced to MIDI). You hold a pad and use the X/Y pad to regulate the speed – ideal for glitchy effects or basic drum rolls. By engaging bit Scale mode, you’ll be able to play gated melodies on the X/Y pad.

There ar four bank choose buttons, creating a complete of sixty four ‘virtual’ pads. With every able to trigger up to four notes promptly (ie, chords), the nanoPad has melodic potential aplenty.

Editor’s alternative:

The full feature-set of the first nanoSeries may solely be accessed via the Kontrol Editor software system, and this is often still the case. There ar a couple of changes for the new devices, though.

On the nanoPad, every pad will send four notes, CCs or program changes, as against the original’s eight. Per-pad choices to work out whether or not a pad is enclosed once using the gated modes. The X/Y pad may be assigned as you prefer, though this is often currently world and not per scene.

Note that you just will transfer the Kontrol Editor before shopping for a nanoDevice to urge a compassionate its mapping prospects.

The original nanoSeries clad to be neat companions for Apple’s iPad, and this is still true. Apps that support Core MIDI (eg, GarageBand and Akai SynthStation) ought to work simply fine.

Korg’s own iElectribe and iMS20 apps sport a ‘nano two native’ mode, which can assign the controls fittingly after you connect a nanoPad. simply make sure to disable this if you would like your custom mapping to remain!

Some good new practicality and a mild makeover sees the nanoSeries heading within the right direction. However, fans of the primary nanoSeries may be irritated that sure options are ditched to create means for brand new ones, instead of the present feature-set being expanded .


Dynamic trigger pads capture all your performance nuances

The sixteen velocity-sensitive pads provide excellent response to your fingertips, and also realistically convey the playing feel to your sequencer or DAW software, ensuring that your drum parts will be full of life. By switching between the four scenes, you can experience 64 different pad assignments.

USB power for an uncluttered setup

Just connect a single USB cable from your computer to the nanoPAD2, and you’ve got a quick and portable music production system. Power and USB-MIDI data travels down the same wire for a clean, efficient workspace.

Create musical phrases using the X-Y touchpad, Touch Scale, and Gate Arp features

The X-Y pad can be used to control multiple synthesizer parameters. In addition, the new “Touch Scale” function lets you intuitively play phrases on the X-Y touchpad, just as on the kaossilator. You can choose from sixteen different scales, and specify the root key and note range to ensure that your performance stays within your song. The “Gate Arp” function, borrowed from the kaossilator Pro, transmits note data based on tempo; Tap tempo and tempo sync are supported. Combined with the Touch Scale, the Gate Arp allows you to play tempo-synchronized phrases and rhythms simply by stroking the X-Y pad or playing the pads.

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