5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Amazon Prime Video Streaming

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Amazon Prime Video Streaming

Almost everyone here knows their way around their Amazon prime video streaming accounts. However, not everyone knows the lesser-used features that could make a huge difference in how you see content on the service.

Whether you stream videos on mobile or via the Fire Stick extensions, here are some nice tips to get started with today.

Modifying Subtitles

Sometimes, you want to watch a foreign movie/ show and would like to understand what is being said. Other times, you might not want to disturb those around you, so a subtitle is the best way to go.

No matter your reason for wanting subtitles, tapping the rectangular icon on the screen gives you the option to toggle this on or off.

The best thing about this subtitle setting is that you can also change the size, color, and position on the screen, among other things.


Do you ever find yourself not knowing what to watch? Notice that this usually happens after it feels like you had all the content in the world to choose from.

Well, a watchlist can ensure you never find yourself in such a bind anymore.

When you discover new shows and movies that you cannot watch right now, simply add them to the watchlist. You can edit this watchlist later if you are not in the mood for such content anymore.

But then, you are guaranteed never running out of shows anymore.

Content Availability

That list of best shows to get on Amazon Prime video right now might contain some picks that you cannot find in your region. That is not because they do not exist on the platform – but that the content creators might have excluded your region from seeing it.

You should not have to suffer not seeing what you want just because you are not in some target market bracket. Thus, a VPN is the best pick for you.

A Fire Stick VPN, for example, will get you into the supported regions. This makes it possible to stream the said content like you were in the supported market.

Another advantage of having a VPN is to keep your internet connection encrypted. Besides keeping you safe from the dangers of free/ public Wi-Fi networks, it will also prevent your ISP from tracking your internet activity. Otherwise, you might be subject to bandwidth throttling which negatively impacts your streaming experience.

Parental Controls

The kids want to watch something on Amazon prime video too, but you don’t want them to see any inappropriate content? Say no more.

Head over to the parental control region, set a five-digit PIN, and choose their age rating. Here, you get 7+, 13+, and 18+ age ratings. That is wide enough to allow you to control what they can watch.

The best thing about this option is that it allows you to share your account with your kids with peace of mind that they cannot see any poor content. You can also exclude your device from the parental control settings. Thus, it is active for the kids – but not for you.

 Video Quality

Whether your internet connection is not as fast or you do not want to burn too much data, you can get around that with the video quality options.

Many streamers will use the default video quality mode, but you can tweak things to fit your current needs. In the quality section, you can choose between three options expressed as Good, Better, and Best. 

The qualities are great at all levels, but one will surely contain more detail than the other. The Amazon video service will also let you know how much of data you will consume for each tier of video streaming too.

Thus, you get to enjoy your content in a slow connection area with lower image qualities or with better image quality where you can access fast internet speeds.

What’s your favorite?

Of all these picks, which one do you think you will be using the most? Let us know in the comments – and why that happens to be your preferred tip too.

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