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Delay pedals

Delay Pedals: The Best Decision You’ll
EVER Make!

Delay pedals are a great way to add extra flavour to your music. They can provide a delay of up to 25 milliseconds, making them perfect for delays and feedback. If you’re an experienced musician, you know a lot of music out there that you can’t play without delay pedals. They are great for adding …


Choosing The Right Saxophone For Beginners

Are you planning to have an instrument upgrade and want to know what is the best saxophone mouthpiece for beginners? A saxophone mouthpiece is one of the essential parts of a saxophone. It allows players to connect the air their mouth produces to their instruments. A sax mouthpiece doesn’t significantly affect the tune your instrument …


list of best guitar for beginners, beginner guitars Learning to play an instrument is an incredible hobby to take on. One of the instrument is guitar which everyone wants to learn. Many people aspire to be full-time musicians, famous for their lyrics and chords. But the great thing about playing the acoustic guitar is that you don’t have to …