Are you a talented writer or music expert who wants to share stories, ideas, opinions, or advice? We’ve have opportunities for writers with deep knowledge of music; whether in general or subject – specific to collaborate with in our goal to inform, educate, and engage music creators and music lovers.

For someone who is in love with music, writing about it is not as simple as creating a meaningless string of text. Rather, it is a passionate hobby that one has to engross himself/herself headfirst into. However, one thing is required to motivate and facilitate the growth of the writer.

Your views and opinions are sought and could cover a range of topics (past, present and future):

  • an album
  • a live show
  • a festival
  • a book
  • photographs
  • anything else that fits broadly in the roots music category (and that is a field wide and open!)

Here’s how it would work.

You submit your article in text whenever you can (no time pressure from us), we will come up with the layout and embellish with. We publish with your name up front.

Why do this? Well, your views are important and will provide a healthy, fresh perspective from ours. Whatever you write will help promote the artist in question, spread the word widely Impress your friends and start a conversation about your preferred topic.

Don't Let This Opportunity To Go

Send us mail at info@musicbot.in . We will try to reply as soon as possible.

Generally we reply within 24 hours.